Titanium App Development India

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Appcelerator Titanium is a platform for developing mobile, tablet and desktop applications using web technologies. Titanium provides good performance (by using the native components) whilst having a simple and powerful API that gives access to most interface elements provided by either iOS or Android. Allows the development for several platforms at once, eg: Android, iOS, Windows, etc.

SamifLabs is a fresh and innovative Appcelerator Titanium Mobile Application Development company. We are specializing in designing, developing and delivering custom titanium mobile app for al mobile devices. We have expert team of titanium app developers who are constantly updating their knowledge with latest trends and innovative ideas to create an amazing titanium mobile application development. We listen you completely and convert your idea into reality beyond your expectations.

Benefits of choosing our Appcelerator Titanium App Development services:-

  • Experienced Appcelerator Titanium app developers
  • Third party API integration of eBay, smartcard, FaceBook and others
  • Apps tested for error free functioning on varied platforms
  • Timely delivery
  • We stay to your budget
  • Constant support even after project delivery
  • We also provide service of mobile app marketing
  • Source code security with non-disclosure agreement

Our work is to deliver you with the best hybrid applications those are manifestations of our skills into the shoes of your ideas. Our company has the potential to extract the best of technology and present you with cross-platform development fine-tuned with the features of Titanium. With the services of SamifLabs, you can get applications those are almost identical to the native applications on your smartphones.

We are an offshore Appcelerator Titanium App Development Company with proven records of creating resourceful apps for iPad, iPhone, Blackberry and Android. We expertise in creating applications using Appcelerator titanium which are scalable , secure and easily deployable. Titanium offers optimum solution to develop cross-platform apps on different platform and devices. It is a cross-platform JavaScript runtime as well as API framework used to carry out Mobile Development on Android as well as iOS. This platform is especially designed keeping in mind mobile web with possible future support for Blackberry and Windows.

What Appcelerator Titanium Offers:

  • Support for additional Scripting languages and device specific functionality.
  • Platform independent API.
  • Access to native UI components including navigation bars, menu’s and alerts.
  • API access to mobile functionality like accelerometer, geolocation and maps.
  • Native device functionality for local database, sound, file system.
  • Integrated support for Javascript and Ajax frameworks.
  • Support for web technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript on all platforms along with PHP, Python and Ruby for desktop platforms.

More and more people prefer Titanium as it supports code reusability and involves less cost. We at SamifLabs with our team of experts in web and mobile technologies give you the best in Titanium Services in a cost effective and flexible way. Our emphasis on Agile methodology ensures that the customer is part of involvement in every stage of app development.