SenchaTouch App Development India


Sencha Touch is referred as one of the major open frameworks, with the capacity to develop highly flexible and optimal cross-platform apps. It serves as a perfect platform to utilize the properties of HTML5 Platform, CSS3 and JavaScript. The apps developed using Sencha technology are compatible with most of the platforms, but the development requires high-level of proficiency in Sencha SDK Tools and other languages. Therefore, to create an efficient Sencha Touch app, you need a company having hands-on experience in Sencha technology.

The advantage for developers is that mobile web applications may be made to work like native applications when used within browsers. The key is for the user interface itself to be amended by the developer using the Sencha Touch user interface framework or library. At SamifLabs, our dedicated developers of Sencha app development are extremely proficient to build fully functional and effective mobile apps that comply with iOS, Android, BalckBerry, etc.

The Sensational Features of Sencha Touch are meant for the next generation, touch-enabled devices and SamifLabs will assist you to leverage the features of this innovative platform. With the assistance of our hard working and experienced developers, we are ready to serve you with our services and build cross-platform apps built with the special themes of Sencha Touch.

Highlights of Sencha Touch Application:-

  • Developed on Ext JS
  • GUI-based controls for Mobile Web Apps
  • Comply with Multiple Mobile Platforms
  • Delivers Efficient User Interface to Web Apps
  • Reinforced with HTML5, JavaScript & CSS3
  • Endorsed with PhoneGap & Animation
  • Adaptive Layouts and Smoother Scrolling
  • Meets the most recent web standards & Native Packaging

At SamifLabs, we have skilled, experienced and dedicated Sencha touch mobile web developers for providing user-friendly, speedy and innovative mobile applications. Even the use of native application becomes interactive, rapid and engaging with the help of Sencha touch 2.0 framework. We offer Sencha touch 2.0 mobile web development at affordable rates than the market and we are ready for any new projects involving Sencha touch 2.0 framework with the availability of our expertise team.

Our efficient services give you the following benefits:

  • Flexible and optimized cross-platform applications
  • Applications with unlimited extensibility and functionality
  • Applications that can be deployed on your own terms without waiting for approval in the native marketplaces
  • Applications with enhanced touch event management and GUI-based controls
  • The advantage to cut down your overall development by paying for a single application
  • On-time delivery of your projects with uncompromising performance.

With a growing employment of touch-interface devices, the sensitivity to touch events renders Sencha Touch extremely flexible to bring into practice. With assistance of the exclusive Sencha Touch Application or interface, we love to meet your entire sorts of requirements at every degree of difficulties.

Whether you want to have an Cross Platform App to promote your business, or want to build an app for personal use, just Contact Us. Our hire dedicated Sencha Touch Developers can make it happen for you.