PhoneGap App Development India

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PhoneGap is an open source mobile development framework that leverages HTML5 for building mobile applications across multiple popular mobile devices. PhoneGap gives web developers Javascript access to most popular native features and APIs of the mobile device such as GPS, camera, Local SQLite Databases, accelerometer, without having the need to write full applications to make this integration possible.

At SamifLabs you can Hire PhoneGap Mobile Application Developers at affordable rates. We are offering services through hourly/monthly or project basic. Our PhoneGap Mobile Application Developers are well experienced with native mobile application development in iOS, Android and also using frameworks like PhoneGap.

Our PhoneGap team has developed a wide array of mobile apps including dynamic applications for games, stand alone applications, online websites, e-Commerce solutions and much more. PhoneGap gaming application to provide a fun, high-quality experience app that in-turn increase productivity exponentially.

Why Choose PhoneGap Development Services?

  • Open Source Project
  • Cross-platform framework compatibility
  • Develop mobile apps using HTML5, JS & CSS3
  • Build native apps for iOS, Android, BlackBerry with one time code
  • Supports Advances Technology to interact with Hardware Functionality
  • Third Party API Integration
  • Testing & porting over multiple mobile application platform

We have experience developing from the full range of options: from standalone mobile applications through to enterprise mobile applications which integrate into existing systems. Our clients rely on us to assist them through the whole app development process: from analysis and specification to design, development, testing, and deployment.

If you ask your developer from SamifLabs to make mobile device apps based on PhoneGap, be forewarned that Apple can actually reject apps that are grounded in PhoneGap because the apps may not run fast enough or are not sufficiently “native” to be acceptable. This means that the functionality and the appearance of your PhoneGap apps should match those of previous apps deployed on that platform. One reason your apps are not fast or native enough is because they use web-based technologies.

Advantages of PhoneGap App Development

  • Deploy one single application across different mobile OS
  • Reach out to more people without spending a fortune
  • Get functional and user friendly applications
  • Increase the ROI through high quality and versatile apps
  • Save your money by paying for just one application
  • Applications that integrate easily with the authentication structure of the device
  • Get more applications in less time

Here at SamifLabs, our talented PhoneGAP Developers strive hard to deliver the perfect cross-platform mobile application to the clients. Moreover, they have the required knowledge & skill-set , wherein you can rely for your projects.

Our dedicated PhoneGap Developers utilize their knowledge and skills in HTML and JavaSript to build easy and trouble-free mobile web applications. With the help of the native hardware interaction between the iPhone, Android and Blackberry SDKs and PhoneGap Development, they create such fast and easy apps.

You can hire our professional PhoneGap Developers on hourly or monthly basis for your project. Request a quote today and get in touch with us for superior PhoneGap Development.