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SamifLabs is outsourcing company provides appcelerator titanium development solution in India. Our Titanium App Developer can create mobile application for iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry mobile phones with the newest market standard methods, best strategies and trends. Our Titanium Developer can create and controls Titanium mobile application which is effortless and offer higher versatility and control.

Hire Titanium Application Developers are best known for developing robust mobile application for iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry devices. We are adopting best strategies and latest market trends to provide Appcelerator titanium development solution to our clients. Our Hire Titanium Application Developers have great experience of market through which we are serving our clients with excellent solutions. Our Titanium Application Developers are creating applications that deliver perfect solution appropriate to the client’s requirements.

Titanium is cross-platform Mobile Application Development SDK. Titanium SDK allows to create native application for mobile and mobile web application as well as hybrid applications. Titanium applications are for all platforms and more importantly we need to create single code base, using Javascript. Titanium allows to create faster and quality development through their large API base.

Benefits of Titanium Development:-

  • Allows the reuse of development framework
  • Reduces the development time, effort and money
  • Supports more scripting languages including Ajax and JavaScript
  • Allows integration of third party APIs
  • Applications reach the mobile market faster
  • Development of native applications with enriched features
  • More cost-effective as both mobile apps and websites can be developed

Our Developers are following peace of mind development process that adds real value to our clients. We are specializing in designing and developing custom titanium mobile app using our knowledge and innovative ideas. SamifLabs’s titanium developers help to democratize the app building procedure so that everyone can create apps that attached with social networking functionality.

If you want to get an application that supports cross-platforms, you need to hire a skilled Titanium Mobile Application Developer, who has ability to develop any category application which you are looking for. There are many eminent experts, who have huge knowledge on development and cross platform technology, but you need to go with one, who develops an application that meets your requirements. There is a list of features that users can enjoy by getting Appcelerator Titanium mobile application.

Some of the core features of Appcelerator Titanium are:

  • Support for HTML, CSS and Javascript on all platforms
  • Integrated support for popular JavaScript and AJAX Frameworks
  • A platform-independent API to access native UI components such as navigation bars, menus, dialog boxes and alerts, and native device functionality including the file system, sound, network and local database
  • API access to native mobile functionality like geo location, accelerometer and maps
    Extensibility through open interfaces and licensing

SamifLabs team of titanium developers are capable to cater to custom client project requirements and have the confidence to deliver all these and more services to clients complete satisfaction. Through our services, clients get an opportunity to use high end mobile devices to their benefit to make them even more powerful.

We are well-experienced in developing various apps for open-source mobile frameworks and providing Appcelerator Titanium mobile solutions and Android web development services using latest technology. Hire Titanium App Developer from SamifLabs to get reliable and secure solutions at committed time-frame.

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