Hire Sencha Touch Application Developer India


Sencha Touch is an astounding, sought after framework by mobile web developers today. At SamifLabs, Sencha Touch developers build web apps for the mobile platform which look and feel more like native applications. We ensure that rich and intuitive touch options are available to mobile app users when they are using our apps built on Sencha Touch.

Sencha touch enables developers to quickly and easily create HTML5 based mobile apps that work on Android, IOS, Blackberry & Windows mobile. Sencha Touch is one of the best Web App Frameworks for true high level web applications as it easily scales to different resolutions for the highest compatibility with different iPhones, iPad, and the various Android phones.

The sensational features of Sencha Touch are meant for the next generation, touch-enabled devices and SamifLabs will assist you to leverage the features of this innovative platform. With the assistance of our hard working and Experienced Developers, we are ready to serve you with our services and build cross-platform apps built with the special themes of Sencha Touch.

Advantages to Hire Sencha Developer:

  • Dedicated & experienced towards sencha development
  • Experienced & Expert resources in HTML 5 & CSS
  • Customization sencha application development
  • Working in Highly Professional environment
  • Believe effective communication among the team & clients to reach the goals
  • Pre & post development support
  • Daily/weekly/Monthly reporting

SamifLabs team of dedicated Sencha Touch Developers have the knowledge and expertise to develop & deliver the right apps, to acquire the clients satisfaction. Our Sencha Touch Application Development services allow users to utilize the applications in a wide range of devices/platforms without any question.

At SamifLabs, we have skilled, experienced and dedicated Sencha Touch mobile web developers for providing user-friendly, speedy and innovative mobile applications. Even the use of native application becomes interactive, rapid and engaging with the help of Sencha touch 2.0 framework. We offer Sencha touch 2.0 mobile web development at affordable rates than the market and we are ready for any new projects involving Sencha touch 2.0 framework with the availability of our expertise team.

Sencha has gained its popularity because of the following advantages:

  • Highly compatible with HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript and is built with web standards
  • Provides highest level of flexibility and optimization to the apps
  • High compatibility with the most advanced operating systems like iOS and Android
    Provides pixel-perfect, cross-browser fidelity
  • Access to building blocks like Grids, carousels, nested lists, trees, toolbars for consumers, and enterprise applications
  • Customized enhanced touch events like tap, double tap, swipe, pinch and rotate
  • Allows the developers to use special themes for different devices

SamifLabs team of Sencha Touch App Developers are capable to cater to custom client project requirements and have the confidence to deliver all these and more services to clients complete satisfaction. Through our services clients get an opportunity to use high end mobile devices to their benefit to make them even more powerful.

Sencha Touch technology offers you a great solution if you don’t have the budget for native Mobile App Development. Using web based technologies, our team can create a mobile app that works across multiple platforms with only one development cost. Our team of Mobile App Developers use Sencha Touch with Phonegap to create slick mobile apps without having to break the bank.