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Ionic is a powerful HTML5 native app development framework that helps build native-feeling mobile apps with web technologies like HTML, CSS, and Javascript. We offer Ionic framework mobile app development to build apps that are obsessed with UI. There are a lot of apps whose success depends very highly on the type of look and feel that they have. These apps need to have a UI that is highly engaging for the app users. And Ionic Frameworks makes things exciting on UI part of the app.
Ionic is an HTML5 framework for Mobile App Development targeting Hybrid Mobile Apps. Hybrid Apps are basically small websites running in your browser and have access to native platforms. Take ionic columns as front-end user interface that manages the look and feel of your App and give it an attractive and compelling look. Hybrid Apps are beneficial in supporting platform, speed of development, time saving and accessing code of third party. In order to run as a native app, Ionic framework need few wrappers like PhoneGap and Cordova.
Why choose Ionic?

  • It focuses in the development of native apps instead of mobile websites.
  • It takes complete care of the infrastructure.
  • It provides fast running with packaging, push notifications, prototyping, analytics and live updating tools.
  • It offers fully integrated stack.
  • It simplifies the development and update process since there is no need to re-submit the applications.
  • It offers instant push changes and latest features to the users all over the globe.
  • It needs just one responsive design for all the devices.
  • Since it focuses on what matters, it simplifies the development, deployment and scaling of applications.
  • It comes with native-styled and user-friendly mobile UI elements.

We house a team of 10+ expert ionic developers & 20+ AngularJS Developers that explore the capabilities of developing cross platform hybrid mobile apps. Our mobile app development team promise you to deliver satisfactory & user benefitting mobile solutions.
At SamifLabs, we have a highly skilled, efficient and experienced team of mobile app developers who are well versed with the typical challenges involved in building feature rich hybrid apps for mobile platforms. We focus on leveraging the benefit of Ionic in creating interactive UI and UX for mobile apps. Besides, our developers have the proven expertise in all major mobile development technologies like HTML5, CSS, JS, SASS, JavaScript and AngularJS.
Why hire Ionic Developers and Programmers?

  • Our backend services extraordinarily compliments the user interface.
  • We have in-depth knowledge in HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • We have over 8 years of expertise in Ionic Creator App.
  • We develop products that are unique, reliable and secure with latest technologies.
  • We follow agile method of working.
  • Our team is always ready to help our clients and communicate transparently and honestly.
  • We work with Angular to maximise the potential of applications.

Speed is very important in mobile app. Ionic is built to perform in accelerated pattern in mobile devices. Ionic framework is built with minimum DOM manipulation, Zero jQuery, and more hardware accelerated transitions. This will help you to develop projects for all small devices like wearable devices. Surely, ionic framework will be the future of wearable devices applications, car infotainment systems, bike infotainment systems and house hold applications where display and hardware resources is minimum.
Ionic Developer is used because HTML5 rules in mobile platforms like iOS and Android UI Web view than on desktop. Ionic compound apps are written in CSS, HTML and JavaScript and also uses Angular.js to add more functionality. We always have solutions for your problems and we stick to resolve them. Get in touch for easy & least mobile app development efforts to pace up your mobile app with great performance & processing. Regardless of the size and nature of the mobile application, our hybrid programmers, build mobile apps specific to your business needs.