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GameSalad is one of the fastest way to develop games for iOS, Android and now even for Windows Phone aimed primarily at non-programmersfor composing games. Simple interface of the tool provides click, drag and drop options used for developing visually appealing and functional mobile games. It provides a versatile graphical user interface for defining the behavior of gaming objects. At SamifLabs, You have team of experienced and Dedicated Developers India, who lives day & night in the field of mobile technology, have in-depth knowledge of technology and have the flexibility and ability to deliver solutions as per needs and requirements.

Our Dedicated Hire Gamesalad Developer is a network or a group of people who aim to develop the innovative games and applications in rapid manner, so that they can convert innovative ideas into app they have created this application software, which can be used to develop a particular game or app without coding idea, so here team also has declared open to all the people to share their thoughts about their idea of application or game.

GameSalad offers the best visuals and a drag & drop interface that provides developers with a limitless authority to apply more and more of their creative ideas. The platform consists of other effective features like testing on targeted devices like: iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle, Nook, Windows 8, Mac Desktop and many more.

Key Features of GameSalad Developer Pro:

  • Android Publishing
  • iOS In-App Purchase
  • Apple GameCenter
  • App Monetization
  • Windows 8 Publishing
  • Twitter TweetSheet:
  • iAd Revenue
  • External Links
  • Priority Tech Support

Gamesalad Developers India team is very emerging today in market as the craze of applications in mobiles, iPhone , iPod, tablet PC and Mac laptops are very useful and attractive for the customers. The developer team also encourages the idea of people who give a innovative idea and solutions to the problem facing or required by the people today.

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