Hire Cocos2dx Game Developer India


Cocos2D is the leading, open-source, royalty-free smartphone game engine. It’s easy to use, community-supported, reliable, mature, and over 1500 mobile iOS games have been published using it! And now, thanks to Cocos2D-X, it’s possible to release games for Android with the same codebase.

Cocos2dx Developer India such as SamifLabs may be able to do more with less effort if they are making two-dimensional games with the Cocos 2D system. The system is based on Objective C Coding so OpenGL is no longer necessary. An added benefit is that your usual game apps can be customized so that they have better graphics with this type of coding. When Game Development gets easier, your developer will be able to spare time, energy and resources into making a better game for you – and you can focus on how to get the attention of your key demographic by marketing your new game to them.

Hire Cocos2D Game Developer India is a framework for building demos, 2D games, and various other graphical/interactive applications for iPhone. Cocos 2D is related to the cocos2d design and employs the similar API. Cocos2D Developers provides actions including transformation actions, composable actions, ease actions, and misc actions.

Unique Advantages of Cocos2D game development

  • It’s free & open source: unlike other alternatives such as Corona or Unity, Cocos2d is free of charge. Moreover, because all code is freely available, it’s very easy to extend Cocos2d’s functionality.
  • It supports OpenGL ES 2.0. Which means it’s fast and that shaders are supported, what allows for all kinds of visual effects.
  • It’s has a very large and supportive community. Over 3800 games have been made using Cocos2d, meaning that there is a wide array of documentation, tutorials and programs that work with Cocos2d, as well as active forums.
  • Its API is easy to understand, yet it has a wide variety of features.
  • It has integrated physics support. Cocos2d comes with both the Chipmunk and Box2d engines.