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Gaming Development India

Game creation is our passion and our passion is fuelled by the fun/creativity involved in the work we do! With our respective teams racking up their brains to keep the concept creative, and technology simple, the games that we create speak for themselves. The best part about the Gaming industry is that it is growing everyday and SamifLabs has matured considerably in contributing its own share to the industry.

Desktop, Web and Mobile

SamifLabs plays on three platforms of game development: Desktop, Web and Mobile. Whether it’s 2D game or a 3D game, we build it for all mobiles, PCs and gaming consoles. Flash is our favourite tool when it comes to game development. From designing the concept to server side coding, we develop it from scratch to customize it according to your requirements.

We develop three types of games:

Multiplayer games: The games that provide access to established online gaming communities. This involves two or more gamers, playing from different or same locations. We use Smartfox server for these games.

Content-based games: The games that deliver copyrighted multimedia entertainment content, such as celebrity photos, video clips, voice ringtones, and personalized sports games to music/movie/sports fans. The key to success is to provide a flow of high-quality content that justifies the subscription cost.

High-impact visual games: PC and console games have evolved from 2D to 3D. We have just stepped in to make it better for you. Our Papervision 3D experts make it a point to make your game super-interactive and fun for the gamers.

Mobile games are following the trend and we have already contributed remarkably to it. There are already several mobile 3D toolkits and handsets available. However, 3D games are very resource intensive. We have the expertise for both development and graphic designing of these games.

Check out our expertise with various tools that we use to develop games for our clients.

  • Unity 3D
  • Papervision 3D
  • Open GL
  • Flash/Flex
  • 3D Max
  • Illustrator/Photoshop

Game Development & OpenSpace Engine

SamifLabs is a comprehensive platform for rapidly developing massive multi-user applications and games with Adobe Flash/Flex/Air, Java, Android, .Net, Unity3D, Silverlight, Apple iPhone, etc. OpenSpace is a powerful Flash based isometric engine and framework for rapid development of multi-user virtual worlds and MMO communities. The engine leverages the power of ActionScript 3 and SamifLabs offering an unmatched level of features and customizations. SamifLabs a strong team to build games for the above domains. We can help you build games on various platforms like:

  • Games for Flash
  • Games for Iphone
  • Games for Android
  • Games for J2ME
  • Games for .Net
  • Games for Silverlight
  • Computer Player Against Mobile player development

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