Cocos2dx Game Development India

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Cocos2dx is a popular cross-platform game engine. Our developers can now add realtime communication in their Cocos2dx Game Development to build beautiful, rich and engaging multiplayer games. The great thing is that developers can do this without any server side code or socket level programming as all the communication is managed by SamifLabs.

Developers such as SamifLabs may be able to do more with less effort if they are making two-dimensional games with the Cocos 2D system. The system is based on Objective C coding so OpenGL is no longer necessary. An added benefit is that your usual game apps can be customized so that they have better graphics with this type of coding. When Game Development gets easier, your developer will be able to spare time, energy and resources into making a better game for you – and you can focus on how to get the attention of your key demographic by marketing your new game to them.

One thing you gotta note about Cocos2d-X is that the project is young. Vast improvements are coming with every new version. The API is getting cleaner and more intuitive. Support for non-essential features on certain platforms is still to be done.

The various gaming services for iPhone, iPad, Flash, Facebook, Android games are being enabled through technologies like iPhone SDK, Cocos2D Framework, Unity3D, Flash, Unity3D, Objective-C, X- Code, etc. A particular Game Development Cycle is followed to evolve creative and effective games.

If you are hopeful that the Cocos 2D Game engine will be the right one to use for your game development project, you can rely on SamifLabs to do the heavy lifting for you. For some people the learning curve to absorb a new system can take much longer than that of others – this is why you may need our help to keep you going north over time so that you stick to your deadlines for game development. And when your project is on schedule that means your costs are controlled too. In the final analysis our company will be able to save you much money while delivering your new Cocos 2D based game just in time for debugging and release to the market.