Augmented Reality Development Company India


Reinvent your brand with Augmented Reality Applications to create compelling marketing campaigns for your business. It allows you to establish an interactive relationship with customers by offering them a richer user-experience. We blend innovation, creativity and research to churn out persuasive apps with absolute attention to detail.
Real estate industry requires unique solutions to win customers. With Augmented Reality Application, you can now provide information in ways never possible before. User can visit the their future home via single touch. Our technology allows you to create immersive presentations, allowing clients to realize your offerings in a more engaging way than ever before. Our app developers build AR apps that interact with digital data overlaying physical objects to access information which is more accurate and realistic. Applications developed with such concept not only engage users more but also convey a strong message for what the app is built. Whether it is a mobile augmented reality app to purchase a product or to get a real-time piece of information, we do it all for you.
Augmented reality app development requires cutting-edge technologies. Our team comprises of experienced and highly-qualified AR Developers who leave no stone unturned to deliver the best app as per your branding needs. As Metaio’s Licensing Partner, we have profound understanding of upcoming technologies and know how to work on –

  • 3D Modeling
  • Rigging & Animation
  • Markerless & Marker based Tracking
  • 3D Rendering
  • SLAM Tracking

At SamifLabs, our experience and versatility with industrial augmented reality is unparalleled. Our augmented reality software is platform agnostic, so you can showcase the same content on media ranging from a smart phone to a giant trade show touchscreen. Our proven expertise ensures that your custom augmented reality e-procedures, gamification, and operations guides will deliver a lasting impact on your audience.
Our proven expertise in integrating and developing Custom Augmented Reality Apps help us deliver high-end:

  • AR Gaming modules harnessing augmented reality game development
  • Audio/Video and Motion Graphics Creation
  • 2-D and 3-D AR models
  • AR-based Animation
  • Augmented Reality iPhone Development
  • Custom AR effects
  • Integration to third-party APIs (Application programming interface)
  • E-commerce integration
  • Geo-location
  • Content management

By expertly incorporating 3D animations and videos, interactive print, infographics, corporate identity, digital marketing, app design, mobile app development, and graphic design with our 4D software, we deliver the most seamlessly branded and digitally integrated augmented reality experiences on the market.
At SamifLabs, we know how to convert your augmented reality projects into creative workshops. We specialize in generating a variety of augmented reality features in what we build. For popular iOS and Android platforms we add augmented 2-D or 3-D effects, videos in 3-D space, map navigation, branding creativity, social sharing, mobile integration, animation, custom AR effects, AR hosting and also E-commerce integration. Whether the AR Experience you desire is a 2D or 3D video, an interactive experiences the user can control and engage with, or a fully immersive experience takes users into a completely unique virtual environment, our developers have the experience and creativity to bring that vision to life in:

  • Direct mail & catalogs
  • Event marketing programs
  • Packaging & point of sale
  • Print advertising
  • Corporate communications
  • Holiday cards
  • Sales collateral
  • Training materials

Our team of experienced and proficient Augmented Reality developers have a proven track record of building useful and highly interactive AR apps. We are known for developing games that are more realistic and apps that are more captivating and immersive.
SamifLabs, being an augmented reality development company brings out two services in this area that are capable of elevating the marketing campaigns any type of customer segment. With our proven track record and ability to bring out unique results, you can rely on us for challenging augmented reality app development services.