WPF Application Development Services

Windows Presentation Foundation is part of .NET Framework that provide a consistent programming model for building rich smart client applications and separates the user interface from business logic.  WPF provides a visually stunning user experience and provide option to developers to create standalone or browser-hosted applications.

Infynic is one of the leading WPF/WCF development service providing companies. We have highly skilled and experienced developers who have great expertise in WPF/WCF Development Services. We analyse the value of projects for our client’s business and accordingly deliver the products. Our efforts are recognised on the global platform for delivering highly affordable, robust and scalable WPF/WCF development services.

WPF incorporates several application development features including 2D and 3D graphics, animation, templates, styles, layout, media, data binding, typography, text, controls and extensible application mark-up language (XAML). Windows Presentation Foundation is embedded in the Microsoft .Net Framework which extends the capability for the users to include other components of the .Net Framework class library. The .Net Framework also enables cross-browser, cross-platform and cross-device application development for next generation RIA apps.

WPF Application Development Services

We are providing following WPF Application Development services:

1. WPF Application Development & Customization Services

2. UI Design & WPF Consulting Services

3. Customized WCF Services in SharePoint 2010

4. Integrating WPF functionality into a website for enhanced interactivity

5. Integrating Audio & Video with Windows Media Streaming

6. Incorporating Rich Internet Applications with WPF

7. Website Development

8. Customized WPF Datagrid

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