GPS Navigation, Maps & Traffic

GPS Navigation, Maps & Traffic

GPS with crowdsourced voice guidance! Enjoy smarter directions and help drivers in your neighborhood by sharing tips about landmarks, tricky turns, and more.

Mapkin’s turn-by-turn directions get better and better thanks to drivers like you:

– “Take a left at the light, just past the gas station.”
– “Head over the bridge and then take your first right.”
– “Watch out for parked cars in the right lane.”
– “This road gets really curvy up ahead, better take it slow.”
– “We’ll follow this for about 2 miles and then hop onto I-93 South.”

Start driving with Mapkin today and experience a totally new type of navigation app:

– Enhanced turn-by-turn voice guidance powered by tips from real people.
– An active community of drivers constantly improving directions for everyone.
– Easily share your advice and help drivers in your area.
– A smart list view, that allows you to familiarize a route even before you drive.
– Traffic-based smart routing with the ability to avoid tolls, highways, and ferries.
– Simple, easy-to-use design to get going quick.
– Personal profile to see how your tips are changing the map.



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